IDM Südtirol - Alto Adige

Restart South Tyrol

The IDM programme to restart the economy
What does South Tyrol need to kick-start the economy despite the crisis? And when will the necessary steps be taken to achieve this objective? These are the main issues addressed by the “Restart South Tyrol” initiative, which IDM South Tyrol is working on intensively along with the most important sectors and representatives of the local economy. The objective is to efficiently support South Tyrol’s economy – especially at a time like this – through new programmes and stimuli and emerge from the crisis as quickly as possible and even stronger than before.

Needs analysis
The package of measures proposed by IDM has been approved by the Provincial Council, which has provided the necessary funding.

The first phase of the programme has already been completed: through a direct exchange with various task forces – for tourism, agriculture and the economy – along with representatives of the various economic sectors and their associations and entrepreneurs, the greatest difficulties, needs and urgencies for South Tyrol and the economic sectors were identified. Over the coming weeks, tangible steps and projects will be put in place based on the overall picture emerging from the numerous joint sessions.

One of the focal points of the “Restart South Tyrol” action plan is an international campaign with a broad reach and strong penetration on our principal markets.

Another objective is to support South Tyrol’s companies working in the export business with concrete measures, proposing for example, alternative events to traditional trade fairs, new platforms and much more besides.

On Friday 3 April, the campaign “io.tu.noi.Alto Adige” was also launched in South Tyrol. It targets all people in South Tyrol and centres around the solidarity and cohesion in South Tyrol for local producers. The objective is to reinforce local economic cycles and therefore guarantee the creation of long-term added value in our territory. Furthermore, the campaign aims to widely increase awareness about products produced in the region and their quality.

Later on, the campaign will be extended to other sectors, such as tourism for example, to stimulate the local economy and promote local business cycles.