IDM Südtirol - Alto Adige

Ecosystem Sports & Alpine Safety

Dangers, such as avalanches, rock falls and extreme weather situations are ever present in high-Alpine habitats. South Tyrol has for many years developed strategies and competencies for dealing with this harsher side of nature. Expertise and know-how in the area of Alpine Safety and Civil Protection are particularly strong. South Tyrol has a first class rescue system with around 15,000 volunteer rescue workers. South Tyrol firms cover a broad spectrum of features relating to equipment, analysis and planning.

The Sports & Alpine Safety ecosystem is concentrating on the further technological development of measures to provide civil protection and disaster control for South Tyrol. By networking entrepreneurs, researchers, local authorities and the active involvement of civil society, the ecosystem will enhance the competitiveness of businesses.

Our work priorities are:
  • Transfer of expertise
  • Promotion of innovative capability in theme-specific working groups. Initiation of projects relevant to the branch
  • Support for adapting and improving technologies
  • Expediting the adoption of innovative products for the Alpine area
The Ecosystems of IDM Südtirol / Alto Adige were assessed on December 14th, 2016 according to the Silver Label approach developed and performed by the "European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis“. The Ecosystems fulfill selected indicators of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative and develops its processes and tools continuously. The Ecosystems receives the Silver Label of Cluster Management Excellence valid until December 31st, 2018.