Strategy & Vision

IDM is contributing to the further development of South Tyrol in a manner which, on the one hand, will ensure that the territory will be more productive for economic growth, and at the same time the landscape will maintain intact its areas of natural habitat. Outwardly South Tyrol will be presented as an attractive business location in order to draw innovative entrepreneurs into the Province. Economic strength and highly qualified jobs will be created by bringing together domestic and foreign companies. South Tyrol will thus develop sustainably into one of the most interesting areas in Europe to live and to work in.

Location Development Aims over the next few years:
  • Promoting innovation by means of a properly conceived and implemented location policy
  • Positioning and promoting South Tyrol as an attractive place to live for skilled workers
  • Extending and developing South Tyrol’s areas of strength – eco-systems
  • Opening up and operating the NOI Techpark
  • Digitalisation: developing a geo-database accessible to a wide range of people and institutions
  • Developing the creative industries
  • Mobility and accessibility: improving traffic flow.