Destinatinon Manager

Destination Manager (DM) Job Description

At the beginning of September the posts of three destination managers (DMs) will be advertised. The appointments should be made by the end of October. There will be several phases to the selection procedure. One commission consisting of representatives of IDM South Tyrol and the tourism organisations will select the three destination managers. Together with the IDM management the DMs will determine the objectives and strategies over several years for their Destination Management Entity (DME). They will lead and coordinate the current businesses in each respective entity and are responsible, in conjunction with their colleagues, external partners and commissioned service providers, for the implementation of the prescribed measures laid down in the Strategic Plan. They will represent IDM and their district to the outside world and are the point of contact for local tourism offices, local and regional partners as well as institutions and public authorities.






Thomas Knoll

Präsident MGM

Mathias Tschenett

Präsident Vinschgau Marketing

Hansi Pichler



Sighard Rainer

Präsident TVB Südtirols Süden

Philipp Waldthaler

Präsident TV Eppan

Josef Thaler

Präsident TVB Eisacktal

Helmut Tauber



Judith Rainer

HGV Ortsobfrau Sexten

Martin Huber

Präsident TVB Kronplatz

Egon Seehauser

Vizepräsident TVB Eggental

Josef Kelder

Präsident TVB Gröden

Eduard Scherlin TröbingerPräsident Seiser Alm Marketing

Oscar Alfreider

Präsident TVB Alta Badia