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Film Funding

If you have any questions about the South Tyrol film promotion policy, do talk to IDM South Tyrol. It is our principle to support film and television projects of all types by providing grants and subsidies. We particularly seek to contribute funds to co-productions destined for both the German- and the Italian-speaking markets. The location of the production company requesting subsidies is irrelevant for the award of a subsidy. We assess the submitted applications against cultural and economic criteria. Special consideration is given to planned investments in South Tyrol which will lead to a further strengthening and developing of the location used for the purpose of filming.

Upcoming application deadlines:
  • 30.01.2019 (decision made by 19.03.2019)
  • 08.05.2019 (decision made by 25.06.2019)
  • 18.09.2019 (decision made by 12.11.2019)
You can put together your application at any time via our Online-Portal, which allows you to edit before submitting. Our standard procedure is then to consider the application during the next available assessment period. This will start at 12 noon on the above mentioned dates.

We would ask you to apply online only after undertaking the compulsory consultation with IDM. Completed applications are usually dealt with within five weeks. You are, however, welcome to submit your applications at any time. They will be dealt with at the end of the next submission deadline.

Please bear in mind that we can only offer you access to the Online-Portal if you have consulted with us at least seven working days before the submission deadline. You can do this by telephone or in person.

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