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RACCONTI is the Script Lab programme for the development of film materials, which is organised on an annual basis by IDM South Tyrol. RACCONTI is aimed at screenplay writers from the German and Italian speaking region. An experienced team of international experts assists the aspiring film makers in developing their materials. Within a few months they will turn these materials into film treatments which IDM will present to producers in Italy, Germany and Austria. In general the content of these projects will include strong references to South Tyrol and will be suitable for co-production between the three countries. If a producer is found, he or she can apply to IDM for development funding for the project.


About 50 prominent figures from the film and television industry meet each year at INCONTRI in South Tyrol for a transnational dialogue. Since 2011 this Film Conference, organised by IDM, has been building bridges between Germany, Italy, Austria and Switzerland.


When film projects finally near completion, quite frequently there are important decisions which have to be taken regarding definitive content or form; there might also be financial concerns, technical- or sales-related challenges which require solutions.
Final Touch supports young film producers with the completion of their feature films and longer documentaries.
South Tyrol Film Promotion and the Bolzano Film Festival Bozen offer young film producers the opportunity for a confidential discussion with an interdisciplinary team of experts, in order to put the finishing touches to their film projects and to work out the best possible conditions for launching each film successfully.

Film producers from Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and the respective country hosting the festival are invited to apply once they have completed the rough cut of each film project and they will be advised on content-related or artistic matters. They will be given an estimate of the market potential of their film, and support with distribution, finances or other general concerns.
First and second attempts covering feature films and documentaries will be considered. There is a preference, however, for projects which seek out new and original forms and explore contentious topics.

An independent jury will select three from the submitted projects. For each project, two members of the film crew will be invited to attend, free of charge, a workshop where experts will advise them on their specific concerns; they will be provided with accommodation in Bozen-Bolzano, will have their travel costs met and their project will be accredited at the Festival.
It is too late to submit a project for the current year. New projects may be submitted from the end of this year for FINAL TOUCH #2 to be held during the Bolzano Film Festival Bozen 2017.


MOVE!E IT offers specialist lectures for people who are interested in film or who are making films in South Tyrol. On six occasions over the course of a year, experts from the industry will give interactive reports on various themes dealing with practical issues for the film industry.


These industry get-togethers offer training opportunities for representatives of the local film industry as well as for new-comers and are held during the Bolzano Film Festival Bozen.