Entrepreneurs’ Trips

The aim
You will travel to important markets abroad and set up new contacts.
Entrepreneurs’ Trips will grant you an overview of marketing opportunities and also the economic and legal framework conditions for your planned venture into other countries. Entrepreneurs’ Trips are the perfect platform to set up new contacts and offer you the chance to extend your own network whilst, at the same time, exchanging views and ideas with foreign business partners and companies operating in your chosen field.

Our service
After undertaking a bespoke market analysis, we will arrange B2B talks with potential business partners in the target country. Our partner network will support us in identifying potential customers for you and we will also get in touch with the relevant organisations as well as arrange meetings. If required, and if appropriate, appointments with representatives of institutions from the world of politics or economics will be set up, with high-level representatives from South Tyrol’s political scene representing your interests and concerns. We will be responsible for the entire itinerary and will coordinate appointments and visits. Information concerning country-specific customs and conventions and also about predicted market opportunities in your specific field will be provided.