Export Helpdesk

The aim
Are you thinking about venturing across the border to try out the export market? We will find information about companies which will in turn help you to take the right decisions. Have you hit obstacles in the operation of your export activities? IDM will help you overcome these to clear the way for you to export your goods and services without undue hindrance.

Our service
Information on companies: we will find out information on companies and research addresses to help you win customers, check out company profiles, financial records and credit references. We will collate top quality information from fee-based address data banks and the online services of well-respected commercial databases which we will then make available for you.

Export information: our Export Helpdesk will provide quick and pertinent answers to all your questions relating to export matters and will advise you on any individual concerns regarding customs and foreign trade law, import and export regulations, export documents, international contract and tax laws, logistics, payment, foreign investments and many other matters. The more precise your enquiry, the more precise will be our answers or indeed our proposed solutions.