Alpine Technologies

The spirit of creativity and innovation which, for previous generations, ensured their survival and their advancement in the alpine valleys of South Tyrol is still extant today. From this “Alpine DNA” have arisen market leaders and innovative niche service providers covering the many varied areas of alpine technologies.

Alpine technologies in South Tyrol, these cover above all the special fields of Construction, Wood, Sports & Winter Technologies, Civil Protection & Alpine Safety. The combined innovative forces of more than 300 enterprises working in these sectors and branches are gathered together by IDM South Tyrol into four clusters. We offer support when you are looking for new partners for research and cooperation within these technologies.

Working closely with you and using our so-called “Competence Mapping” we can analyse the development potential of your company and offer you the opportunity to develop prototypes rapidly in our FabLab.
andreas-winkler Andreas Winkler | Sports & Winter Technologies