Ecosystem Constructions

The aim of the Constructions ecosystem is to promote cooperative activities and growth in firms and stakeholders in the building and construction sector. The task of the ecosystem is to initiate and support processes. Priorities include the reduction of environmental impact and achieving economic and social sustainability. Cooperation between all actors in the value added chain of the South Tyrol construction sector will be enhanced through the working groups of the ecosystem. The ecosystem will accelerate the process of finding solutions and success strategies and will thus improve the competitiveness of businesses in the markets by focussing primarily on expertise and know-how.

The ecosystem deals with the following themes:

  • Façades and building shells
  • Air quality and quality of living space
  • Fire prevention technology
  • Assisted living ambience
  • District & facility management
  • Lean construction
  • Sustainability in public authority buildings
  • Green roofs
  • Concrete