Competence Mapping

Competence mapping is the systematic compilation of special competencies within a business. A clearly contoured picture of the existing competencies within the firm will enable the development of new impulses for increased corporate development. New business opportunities, growth potential and links to new fields of application and markets become apparent and will strengthen sustainably strategic areas such as marketing, innovation and cooperation.

Our service
You will receive a uniform analysis and description of your core competencies as well as the associated resources and capabilities, based on illustrative examples from usage. This will put you in a position to set in motion a systematic business development process.

Illustrated examples and researched sources will show you opportunities for business development, or growth potential which already exists outside your core business activity. You will receive a comprehensive list of possible cooperation partners with complementary competencies and similar strategic interests.

The firm will provide IDM with information material and communication documents. The first step consists of a one-day workshop with your firm’s management and decision-making team. This will be followed by the implementation and business area development analysis. The results and recommended points for action will be presented at a concluding workshop.