Digital Manufacturing

These services support South Tyrol businesses and firms to simplify and accelerate the development of new products and prototypes. Furthermore, not only do they enhance the exchange of ideas between the technical and the creative areas, but they also spread expertise about digital production methods.

Our service
The IDM Development Department has been offering 3D printing services for South Tyrol businesses for several years now – and architects, designers and engineers have been able to avail themselves of this offer. A coloured 3D model of a building, of a technical detail or of a design object makes an idea quickly and immediately both tangible and comprehensible to employees, clients or suppliers. In addition we are only too pleased to assist you when looking for suitable suppliers and for the technologies needed for specific requirements. Some firms which are also involved in product development are planning to purchase their own 3D printer so that they will be able to obtain their first prototypes more quickly. We will support you all the way from your needs analysis to the selection of the right device for you.

The IDM FabLab takes this one step further: here inventors, entrepreneurs, developers and students – in short, “makers” – learn how to make use of high-tech tools such as laser cutters, 3D printers and simple electronic circuitry with Arduino boards, so that they can develop prototypes on their own. FabLab users get to know one another at the lab as well as at events and during courses. They provide mutual support in the operation of the equipment and the use of the software, and thereby act as multipliers of inspiration and creative innovation across the company and the sector.

Firms hoping to develop their products more quickly by using computer simulation will receive development assistance from IDM to help them determine the correct remit and framework for each individual application and will be helped to find a suitable service provider.