Innovation Management

Scientific studies demonstrate that innovative firms grow on average 22 percent faster compared with the sector average, generate a 6.5 percent higher rate of return, and take on around 3.4 percent more employees than non-innovative firms. With this in mind, the introduction of an innovation management system in your firm is an important and worthwhile step, and the staff of IDM will happily support you in this venture.

Our service
As part of this service, the firms that wish to introduce an innovation management system into their own firm in order to develop structured innovations for products, services or processes, will be expertly assisted and supported over time by special experts from the field of innovation management.

An initial analysis is usually carried out by colleagues from IDM. However, for specific and longer-term consultations on constructing an innovation management system, special experts will be called in. Individual projects normally run for no longer than one year, with the option of an extension for a further year. The firms and the experts will agree on a programme of activities predicated on structured cooperation linked to a clearly identified project.

This service might qualify for financial support. We will gladly provide you with further information on the specific funding guidelines and requirements and advise you accordingly.