Standards & Certification

We are working on establishing standardisation as a strategic instrument for South Tyrol firms. In this way standardisation can act as a catalyst for innovation. Because standards for testing, quality and security can ensure transparency and trust, particularly when developing innovative products and services. In addition, work on standardisation can act as a forum for observing the market and the competition.

Our service
Researching standards and initial discussion: we will support you when researching the standards which are essential for your product or service. In the initial discussion we will provide you with information about EU regulations and jurisdiction, the contents and the application of standards, as well as the function and features of CE marking, so that you are able to plan the next steps in the production, marketing and selling of your products and services.

Advice on standards-compliant planning, production and marketing: we can help you implement and document the conformity assessment of your product. This will involve, for example, identifying the appropriate standards, drawing up the product requirements, finding laboratories to carry out the initial assessment, cascading, in-house production control, and preparation of the necessary technical documents.

Representation of your firm in the working groups of the national (Italian) and international standards organisations (UNI, CEI, CEN, CENELEC, ISO): we will represent your interests in the specialist groups of the standards institutes. Together with you, we will work on suggestions for standards content or changes and will advocate these suggestions in the appropriate specialist group.