IDM Südtirol - Alto Adige

Speck Alto Adige

South Tyrol inevitably evokes images of mountains, dumplings and above all of Speck (smoked ham). Its inimitable taste puts South Tyrol on the gastronomic map and will serve to enhance the region’s reputation as a gourmet’s paradise. What matters most here, is the positive image: Speck is produced according to organic processes, with traditional methods adhered to. South Tyrol Speck is a product with a Protected Geographic Indication (PGI).

IDM South Tyrol acts on behalf of the South Tyrol Speck Consortium to consolidate the positive brand image which has been established over the past years in the key markets, and to develop it in new markets. We do this through tasting sessions, trade advertisements, TV sponsorships, PR and online activities as well as through participation at trade fairs. The Province of South Tyrol, the EU and the Speck Consortium all contribute financially to the budget in order to achieve this.