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Digital Sales & Export

Sales and Export in the Digital Age

Digital technologies and the internet have had a major impact on society, purchasing behaviour and the market in recent years. Companies are constantly confronted with the question of how best to respond to new customer needs. Digital export as a new sales channel plays an important role. Moreover, online trading is of great importance both in the B2C sector and for business relationships between companies. This is why IDM Südtirol recently launched two pilot programmes aimed at digital sales and digital export: the “Digital Sales Coach” and the “Digital Export Coach”. In this way, IDM supports companies in establishing and expanding a sales and export strategy via online sales channels.

Participating companies are supported by a coach who supervises the entire process from strategy development to operational implementation, enabling businesses to establish professional and sustainable digital sales and export channels, and to develop the necessary strategies.

Interested companies can obtain valuable expert knowledge on digital sales and export via lectures, informational events and workshops on the subject.