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Entrepreneurs’ Trips

New markets await – See for yourself

Travel with IDM! On our Entrepreneurs’ Trips, you can actively explore and tap important overseas markets. Make new contacts in your target market, expand your network and reach out to foreign business partners and companies from your industry. A fascinating “side effect” of the trips: you benefit from sharing experience with other companies from South Tyrol and harness the resulting synergies for your export business.

Travel to key foreign markets and make new, valuable contacts locally: on an IDM business development trip, you can see the sales chances for yourself and in-person for your planned foreign engagement and familiarise yourself with the economic and legal situation. Entrepreneurs’ Trips can be specific to individual industries, so that the products and services of the participating businesses complement one another and all stakeholders benefit from it. We also organise cross-sectoral trips, in which you as a participant benefit from sharing experiences and joint interests in the target market.

Our service
In the run-up to the trip, we perform a tailored market analysis for you and plan B2B meetings with potential business partners: our network of partners finds potential customers for you, contacts them and arranges meetings. In selected cases, we can organise meetings with political and economic representatives in the target country. High-ranking representatives from South Tyrolean politics represent your interests.
You don’t need to worry about making travel plans – we do it for you. We also coordinate meetings and local visits, inform you of typical national customs and provide you with the latest information on the market opportunities in your industry.

The service can be financially supported. We will be happy to inform and advise you about the exact funding guidelines and conditions.