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Export Helpdesk: how to cross borders successfully

Are you looking to export your products and services?

New distribution channels and markets call for new in-house expertise. Small and medium-sized businesses in particular will benefit from support in the operative processes of their export activities. IDM’s Export Helpdesk is at hand to deal with all your queries in an efficient and non-bureaucratic way which is free at the point of service.

We are able to provide information on:
  • customs and foreign trade laws
  • import and export regulations
  • documents required for exports
  • international contracts
  • logistics
  • payment transactions
What points do I have to consider when doing installation or assembly work abroad, both inside and outside the EU?
What is the procedure for exporting machinery to China, the USA or Russia?
Where can I find the appropriate customs tariff number?

We are very happy to answer these and any other questions you may have.