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Sales Cooperations

Join forces for a bigger impact in overseas business

Entering a new overseas market and building it sustainably is a major challenge for SMEs. In particular, continuous, long-term work is especially important – and it requires a significant financial investment. The road to a first order is often tough – and the road from the first order to regular business with reliable customers is particularly difficult. IDM's sales cooperation service brings together companies and their resources: by joining forces, they can use synergies and target markets consistently for many years.

To help companies from South Tyrol's key industries sell overseas, IDM organises and supports sales cooperations. As a member of a cooperation, you can target strategic, nearby foreign markets together with partner companies. A sales cooperation consists of at least four companies in the same industry, an expert in the new market and IDM for professional support. The objective is to help members enter markets and support market growth for three years.

Our service
IDM's export professionals:

  • Find common interests of entrepreneurs and support the establishment of company sales cooperations.
  • Discover market potential, opportunities and risks.
  • Research and present potential experts in the new market.
  • Develop a joint market entry strategy and coordinate the procedure with the expert.
  • Produce the necessary framework contracts with target agreements.
  • Support the project and accompany the companies step-by-step.
The service can be financially supported. We will be happy to inform and advise you about the exact funding guidelines and conditions.