IDM Südtirol - Alto Adige

Film Fund & Commission

Since 2010, IDM’s Film Fund & Commission department has been supporting film and TV productions shot in South Tyrol with funding (Film Fund) and services (Film Commission). Targeted initiatives and a wide range of further trainings available for local film professionals strengthen South Tyrol’s position as a film location and boost the development of its film sector (Location Development).

The Film Fund & Commission’s range of functions further includes promoting South Tyrol as an attractive film location both at home as well as abroad.

Over the course of the last ten years, the local film industry has thus evolved continuously and sustainably. The fundamental prerequisite for receiving film funding is a requirement known as the “South Tyrol effect” or regional effect: IDM requires the granted funding to be reinvested in South Tyrol. The minimum requirement is 150% of the allocated funding, but the average South Tyrol effect actually yields 200% and more. As a result, film funding helps develop the local film industry, offers interesting work opportunities in South Tyrol’s creative sector and reduces what is known as the “brain drain” in the industry, a phenomenon where highly educated professionals leave the country. This, in turn, is beneficial for other industries as well, including the hotel and catering industry, the construction sector and transportation.

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