IDM Südtirol - Alto Adige

Develop & Innovate

IDM provides the following dedicated innovation support services to businesses:
  • Materials and technology research to assist with product or process innovation. IDM performs needs analyses and uses the IDM network to investigate possible solutions and identify points of contact.
  • Advice on and support with business model innovation by applying special knowledge of methodologies and consulting with market experts.
  • Guidance on product standards, product registration and CE marking as well as subsequent practical support with the certification of products. IDM can also represent corporate groups on Italy’s UNI standardisation committees.
  • Prompt advice on and practical assistance with digital manufacturing technology, such as 3D printing, rapid prototyping and computer simulations. Companies can also use the IDM Makerspace at the NOI Techpark.
  • Support with market research prior to the launch of new products, services and technologies, for example, by conducting consumer tests or lead user workshops.
  • Advice on research & development every step of the way, from the initial concept to processing and the settling of accounts, with the objective of increasing the success rate for innovation projects.
  • Innovation project feasibility studies conducted by experts at IDM (and, if necessary, by external partners), such as potential and SWOT analyses, resource checks and financial calculations.
The points of contact for your sector:

Ecosystem Constructions
Stefano Prosseda
T +39 0471 094 227

 Ecosystem Wood & Agricultural Technology
Paolo Bertoni
T +39 0471 094 238

 Ecosystem Sports & Alpine Safety
Sebastian Mayrgündter
T +39 0471 094 230

 Ecosystem Energy & Environment
Stefano Dal Savio
T +39 0471 094 224

 Ecosystem Food
Ben Schneider
T +39 0471 094 243

 Ecosystem Health & Wellness
Manuela Irsara
T +39 0471 094 235

 Ecosystem ICT & Automation
Patrick Ohnewein
T +39 0471 094 207

 Ecosystem Automotive
Johannes Brunner
T +39 0471 094 212

Ecosystem Film & Creative Industries
Renate Ranzi
T +39 0471 094 252