IDM Südtirol - Alto Adige

Inform & Inspire

Information events
IDM facilitates knowledge transfer by hosting information events, workshops and seminars that keep businesses up to date with the latest industry-specific developments in the areas of technology, new markets and innovations. The events focus on South Tyrol’s strengths as identified by the RIS3 strategy.

Study visits
IDM takes South Tyrol’s entrepreneurs on trade missions focusing on various technological fields. The aim of these trips is to give participants practical information about innovative projects, issues of future concern, interesting institutes and companies in other countries or regions.

Inbound delegations
In order to draw international attention to South Tyrol’s areas of expertise and outstanding technological achievements, IDM organises visits to the region for industry professionals and companies from other countries. The programme includes guided tours, workshops, lectures and company exchanges.

The points of contact for your sector:

Ecosystem Constructions
Stefano Prosseda
T +39 0471 094 227

 Ecosystem Wood & Agricultural Technology
Paolo Bertoni
T +39 0471 094 238

 Ecosystem Sports & Alpine Safety
Sebastian Mayrgündter
T +39 0471 094 230

 Ecosystem Energy & Environment
Stefano Dal Savio
T +39 0471 094 224

 Ecosystem Food
Ben Schneider
T +39 0471 094 243

 Ecosystem Health & Wellness
Manuela Irsara
T +39 0471 094 235

 Ecosystem ICT & Automation
Patrick Ohnewein
T +39 0471 094 207

 Ecosystem Automotive
Johannes Brunner
T +39 0471 094 212

Ecosystem Film & Creative Industries
Renate Ranzi
T +39 0471 094 252