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Network & Collaborate

Formation of Ecosystems
Networking is an essential part of today’s business world. In fact, businesses can become more competitive by collaborating with public bodies, research institutes and other companies. IDM coordinates the so-called Ecosystems and develops strategies and courses of action for various sectors.

Technology partners
Companies often need to team up with suitable partners if they are to implement innovative projects successfully. IDM provides a range of services to help businesses find research or technology partners: examples include conducting needs analyses, compiling companies’ corporate profiles and planning initial meetings.

Working groups
IDM organises and chairs working groups that bring together representatives from various companies or from both companies and research institutes. These working groups enable businesses, experts and institutes to join forces to develop new solutions to industry-specific issues.

The points of contact for your sector:

Ecosystem Constructions
Stefano Prosseda
T +39 0471 094 227

 Ecosystem Wood & Agricultural Technology
Paolo Bertoni
T +39 0471 094 238

 Ecosystem Sports & Alpine Safety
Sebastian Mayrgündter
T +39 0471 094 230

 Ecosystem Energy & Environment
Stefano Dal Savio
T +39 0471 094 224

 Ecosystem Food
Ben Schneider
T +39 0471 094 243

 Ecosystem Health & Wellness
Manuela Irsara
T +39 0471 094 235

 Ecosystem ICT & Automation
Patrick Ohnewein
T +39 0471 094 207

 Ecosystem Automotive
Johannes Brunner
T +39 0471 094 212

Ecosystem Film & Creative Industries
Renate Ranzi
T +39 0471 094 252