IDM Südtirol - Alto Adige

Markets & Target Groups

The marketing activities of South Tyrol’s quality products with a protected geographical indication (PGI) or protected designation of origin (PDO) have a global reach.

One of the key cross-market target groups comprises the so-called NANOs©, people prioritising sustainability, physical activity, nature and authenticity. NANOs© are active people who are interested in culture, outdoor experiences, physical activities in natural settings, food and drink, and relaxation. They oppose mass consumption and seek out experiences which counterbalance their stressful everyday lives in an urban environment.

The type of food we eat is increasingly becoming a lifestyle choice. The consumer group known as “foodies” is driving forward developments in the food industry. Foodies generally have above-average incomes, a passion for cooking and an awareness of quality and see food as a lifestyle factor, are open to innovation and enjoy taking part in culinary events. Foodies often act as opinion leaders who promote the trend among groups of people currently less involved in the segment. This means that the number of foodies is growing. The chance to indulge is of paramount importance to foodies. Their interest in sustainability, regional produce and quality means they are key potential consumers of South Tyrol’s quality products.


IDM organises marketing campaigns for South Tyrolean wine in Italy, Germany, the USA, Switzerland, Russia, Japan, the Netherlands, the UK and Austria.

These marketing activities primarily target industry professionals – in particular restaurant owners, wine dealers, sommeliers and specialist journalists – as they create an important multiplier effect. Another target group are wine lovers and guests who are already familiar with South Tyrol as a holiday destination.


The joint marketing initiatives for Speck Alto Adige PGI mainly take place in South Tyrol, Italy and Germany. Additional campaigns are carried out in France, the USA, Canada, the Netherlands and Sweden. Marketing for the US, Canadian, Swedish and Dutch markets takes the form of EU-funded campaigns.

Promotional activities for Speck Alto Adige PGI target end consumers, journalists, bloggers and opinion leaders as well as high-end restaurants and purchasers in the food retail industry.


IDM’s marketing activities for South Tyrolean Apple PGI predominantly cover the South Tyrolean, German and Italian markets.
Promotional activities for this food group are aimed at journalists, bloggers and opinion leaders as well as purchasers in the food retail industry and end consumers who value the quality and origin of their food.

Products bearing the South Tyrolean seal of quality

Products bearing the South Tyrolean seal of quality are predominantly advertised in South Tyrol. Some product categories such as apple juice, fruit preserves and bread are promoted in joint campaigns in Italy and Germany.

The local marketing campaigns for products awarded the South Tyrolean seal of quality are targeted primarily at the South Tyrolean population. However, selected marketing initiatives, such as the product festivals, are also aimed at guests visiting South Tyrol, while promotional activities are devised with retailers, hotels, restaurants and their professional bodies in mind. Some campaigns also focus on training centres in the hotel industry and general education schools.


The marketing activities for South Tyrolean milk also focus chiefly on consumers in South Tyrol. South Tyrolean yogurt and cheese awarded the South Tyrolean seal of quality as well as Stilfser cheese PDO, on the other hand, are also promoted in joint campaigns targeting the Italian, German, Dutch, Swedish and US markets.

Marketing campaigns

IDM conducts selected product-specific and cross-product marketing campaigns for South Tyrol’s quality products. The campaigns aim to boost the products’ image and promote sales. They comprise the following:
  • Paid campaigns (print, digital)
  • B2B and B2C events and product festivals (South Tyrol as a region of culinary delights)
  • Sales promotions
  • PR work
  • Digital channels and social media
  • Collaborative projects
  • Advertising
The umbrella brand and product brands are a common thread running through all the marketing activities in the region and further afield.
In South Tyrol, work focuses on product festivals and PR campaigns. These activities are supplemented by joint sales promotions, collaborative projects with the restaurant industry and school projects. Important partners and influencers include the South Tyrolean Hoteliers and Innkeepers Association (HGV), the South Tyrolean Wine Academy, the Sommelier Association and ambassadors of fine food and drink.

In Italy and abroad, work focuses on cross-product sales promotions and PR activities.

All activities make use of synergies and partnerships between the product sectors and South Tyrol as a tourist destination.