IDM Südtirol - Alto Adige

Trade Marketing Food

The Trade Marketing Food division conducts various activities in grocery stores as part of IDM’s advertising programmes for apples, speck, milk, wine and products awarded the South Tyrolean seal of quality.

The objective of the trade marketing campaigns is to raise awareness of South Tyrol’s products, boost their image and increase sales with a lasting effect.

In addition to product-specific campaigns, we increasingly work with our retail partners at home and abroad to run joint promotions at the point of sale (POS) which showcase products under the “Südtirol” umbrella brand.

Cross-product campaigns like this generate sales and increase customer loyalty in our retailer partners’ stores. IDM not only emphasises the core messages of origin, quality and sustainability in its grocery store initiatives, but also focuses on the indulgent side to the products and on presenting South Tyrol as a desirable place to live. Our communications systematically combine content about both South Tyrol’s attractions for tourists and its various product segments.

The Trade Marketing Food division also runs specific marketing campaigns in the B2B sector for food retailers:
  • We initiate, organise and run sales promotions at the POS
  • We network with retail partners to strengthen our business relationships and develop trade marketing projects
  • We organise training sessions and workshops for store managers, department managers and skilled personnel and create training documents for these events
  • We organise exhibitions and B2B events
  • We run training trips to South Tyrol for our retail partners
  • We implement advertising campaigns (print, radio, TV and on our retail partners’ online channels) and create advertising materials for the POS