IDM Südtirol - Alto Adige

Tourism Marketing

For many years, South Tyrol has been a successful tourist destination. In the past few years, it has managed to propel itself from a mere typical destination to one of special renown, a new brand. This means that South Tyrol is not just a place on the map, but is capable of conveying a certain lifestyle. In the next few years, marketing efforts will focus on spreading the reputation of the brand whilst maintaining the high degree of desirability it has already achieved.

At present, nearly 90% of all holidaymakers come either from German-speaking areas or Italy. We are looking to diversify and move away from this dependency by exploring new markets and working with travel agencies. South Tyrol is now addressing target groups which in terms of their outlook as much as their spending power and willingness to part with their resources will suit the Province and thus create sufficient added value.

The introduction of new ways of selling tourist products is a strategy which is just as important as encouraging innovation and developing new services. The creation of an intelligent networked information system so that tourists can easily and quickly access a huge quantity of high quality data, relevant for holiday makers, is of the utmost importance.