IDM Südtirol - Alto Adige

‘Future of Tourism’ Project


In March 2016, the Government of South Tyrol introduced the regulatory policy that would pave the way for its ‘Future of Tourism’ (Zukunft Tourismus) project, ringing in a province-wide restructuring of tourism organisations.

This process of reform simultaneously pursues several different goals. These include strengthening the South Tyrol umbrella brand and adapting to the changed decision-making behaviour of today’s consumers. In addition, there is also a desire to intensify collaboration between the various stakeholders, exploit synergies in product development and ensure that resources are used more efficiently. Above all, however, it is intended that the industry will cast off the shackles of its rigid structure and reposition itself, shifting the focus to overarching themes and what are known as arenas of experience.

The initial, preparatory project phase will be completed in late 2017. As part of this first stage, the 78 local tourism offices and spa authorities in South Tyrol are set to remain whilst the ten larger tourism associations are being dissolved. They will be replaced by three new Destination Management Units (DMUs). These new players in South Tyrol’s tourism market will take up their duties on 1st January 2018. The DMUs are attached to IDM Südtirol and are responsible for supporting local service providers. In future, alongside its work on marketing communications, IDM itself will also act as a consultant for and coordinator of product development.