IDM Südtirol - Alto Adige

Our objectives

Tourism as a joint endeavour

South Tyrol has a vision: The province wants to become the most sought-after place to live in Europe. The strength of the umbrella brand, the expertise of local service providers (tourist accommodation and leisure operators) and the high quality of tourism products are fundamental to being able to achieve the stated objective. The task now, however, is to raise the profile of the umbrella brand further, develop the strengths of the destinations and eradicate any weaknesses. All those involved will need to work shoulder-to-shoulder to achieve this goal.

Through the ‘Future of Tourism’ project and the associated restructuring of tourism organisations, the industry is being given the tools to systematically advance the pooling of forces. IDM Südtirol, the new Destination Management Units (DMUs), communities and service providers will grow even closer together as a result of the reorganisation.

Building these bridges will not only facilitate networking on inter-regional topics, but also promote knowledge transfer and sharing, synergies, efficiency and, not least, improve the industry’s influence at policy level. In future, it is intended that all stakeholders will be able to learn from one another and develop at the same pace.

Nevertheless, clear goals require a clear set of rules. The remit of IDM Südtirol, the DMUs and the local tourism offices is therefore being redefined as part of the restructuring process. The DMUs are to be responsible for all measures relating to marketing communications – from the website to PR activities. Furthermore, the DMUs will advise the tourism offices on product development and coordinate this task. In turn, the tourism offices will be accountable for regional and local product development, supporting visitors and sharing information locally with service providers (tourist accommodation, leisure operators, ski lift facilities and bar and restaurant owners).