IDM Südtirol - Alto Adige

Themes and Arenas of Experience

The entire travel industry as a client

For increasing numbers of people, the decisive factor when choosing a travel destination is not the ‘where’, i.e. the location, but rather the ‘why’, in other words the theme or style of holiday. Despite the fact that visitors perceive South Tyrol to be a whole, to date the province has predominantly marketed itself as individual territories. The ‘Future of Tourism’ project therefore invites everyone to rethink this approach.

New developments will transform the geographic division of South Tyrol into a thematic subdivision of the province, meaning that services and marketing strategies must be created accordingly. In future, products will be developed which span towns, regions and even DMUs. The same applies to communications. This is because the client is no longer a single, local organisational structure, but instead is the entire South Tyrolean travel industry. The South Tyrol umbrella brand, including the values and quality commitment that it represents, will be the common denominator and mainstay underpinning the planned development.

During the first project phase, thematic areas relevant to South Tyrol were established. ‘Food and Drink’, ‘Hiking and Mountains’, ‘Cycling’, ‘Cities and Culture’, ‘Relaxation and Wellbeing’ and ‘Skiing and Winter’ are the areas on which the province wishes to place greater emphasis. A second phase intends to combine these themes and products into uniform arenas of experience. To provide a brief definition, an arena of experience is a place where the reason for travel and geographic positioning coincide, though it is rare that only a single locality is able to meet this requirement. As a general rule, arenas of experience are made up of several locations.


To conclude, let us look at a specific example: To date, three South Tyrolean tourism associations have marketed ‘Wine’ (a sub-area of ‘Food and Drink’) independently, sometimes in parallel with the local wine industry. In future, the DMUs will bring the wine regions and wine industry in South Tyrol together. This collaboration is intended to bring about joint products and new marketing formats. Specifically, the South Tyrolean Wine Route and the winemaking villages along it will become an arena of experience. A link is thus created between the enjoyment of wine as a holiday attraction and the places where it can be experienced.