IDM Südtirol - Alto Adige

Campaigns & PR


Studies show that South Tyrol enjoys great popularity in the core markets of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy – the so-called D-A-CH-I markets. What needs to be further improved is its profile in new markets.

With the aid of the umbrella brand “Südtirol”, we aim to create a uniform image of South Tyrol which ensures that South Tyrol and what it has to offer over all the seasons become better known. Sales-oriented advertising initiatives, started up by IDM South Tyrol aim at increasing demand for tourist products from South Tyrol.

With a new system of advertising, campaigns aimed at improving our image and promoting our products are being developed, planned and carried out. At present, communicating our brand is the main emphasis in outside advertising in big cities within the two main markets, namely Germany and Italy.


The good reputation of South Tyrol is to be enhanced, using PR agencies in the respective target markets, selecting content relevant to the market and using themes taken from the destination which will position the brand. South Tyrol’s experts within IDM and those working for partner organisations as well as service providers with a good knowledge of the media scenes are constantly in touch to bring this about.

They work on both tourist and non-tourist media, depending on what is known about South Tyrol. The aim is to establish South Tyrol as an ideal area in which to live and as an attractive holiday destination. Another aim is to use media reporting (print, digital platforms and social media channels) to instil in the mind of the customers, the users and the readers a definite distinction between South Tyrol and other holiday destinations. This will be achieved by establishing South Tyrol’s special lifestyle.