IDM Südtirol - Alto Adige

Markets & Target Groups

The aim is to establish South Tyrol as the go-to destination in the Alps. And this should happen for the following eleven markets

The Netherlands
Great Britain
Czech Republic

A well as looking after their main markets in Germany, Italy, Austria and Switzerland, it will be IDM South Tyrol’s new task to open up new markets. All year round marketing campaigns will be started in the various markets which involve web marketing, TV and radio advertising as well as print media.


South Tyrol presents itself as one of the most desired holiday destinations in Europe and at the same time as the outstanding, the so-called ‘go-to’ destination in the Alps. Thanks to its spectacular landscapes, an abundance of traditional agricultural produce, and because it is a home for people with three different languages, it is a quality destination with a special brand character.

Core Message of the Brand

Messages from and about South Tyrol and the promise of quality are contained in the umbrella brand “Südtirol”. The core message of the umbrella brand is vision and at the same time a summing up of everything that we have to offer: “South Tyrol is a symbiosis made of highly contrasting elements, of Alpine and Mediterranean features, of spontaneity and dependability, of nature and culture”.

The Promise

Those visiting South Tyrol retain lasting memories. South Tyrol offers a unique lifestyle, taking the best from two different worlds, the Alpine and the Mediterranean.

Target groups

South Tyrol's target group for tourism marketing is people who are interested in nature, culture and outdoor activities. They see themselves as people who like to enjoy life, not only in terms of food and drink but also in other areas (slow travel, pleasure trips). Sustainability and healthy eating are important to them, and they attach importance to quality, for which they are also willing to pay more.

The media target group is specially worked out for each campaign, changing according to country and method of collection.

The brand promises the target group: the experience of the contrasting symbiosis of Alpine and Mediterranean, nature and culture, spontaneity and steadiness.