Our aims

  • South Tyrol needs to become even more desirable and better-known if it is to guarantee its success in tourism over the longer term. This will be achieved through targeted communication measures and the continuing development of our tourist products.

    The umbrella brand ‘Südtirol’ and the high quality of the tourism products represent the best prerequisites for achieving the desired goal. In developing these tourism products, South Tyrol has at its disposal tourist organisations with plenty of expertise as well as tourist operators with great powers of innovation.

    The strength of brand Südtirol lies in its high desirability; South Tyrol’s weakness is its limited notoriety within all different brands. South Tyrol’s strength in the area of product development is its high degree of involvement at all levels; South Tyrol’s weakness is the relatively poor coordination between the individual service providers.
    The aim of the current reorganisation is to increase our current strengths further and to deal with our weaknesses.
    We will be able to do this by creating an organisation which:

  • …strengthens the local service providers and at the same time supports them so that they can focus on common goals.
  • …links initiatives across the region to national themes such as winter sports or wine and at the same time allows some scope for local specialisation.
  • …regulates optimum interaction between umbrella brands and regional brands to meet the requirements of all participants and of the market.
  • …fosters the transfer of knowledge and exchange of experience between all players in the tourism sector.
  • …creates and fosters synergies with other sectors.
  • …puts forward the concerns of the tourism sector at the political level whilst, at the same time, submitting proposals.
  • …makes for a more efficient and thereby more successful deployment of budgets in the markets through targeted coordination.
  • Is supported and co-determined by the grass roots, namely the service providers.
    In order to make this organisation able to function effectively, matters will need to be thought through anew and old ways jettisoned.