Project Organisation

There are three main areas and responsibilities in the project:

1. Organisational area for the implementation of the DMEs: responsibility of IDM South Tyrol
2. Closure of the existing tourism associations: support for all aspects of proprietary, fiscal and employment law from the South Tyrol State Association of Tourism Organisations (LTS)
3. Adaptation of the legal provisions of State Law No. 33, adaptation of the Articles of Association of IDM South Tyrol and establishment of statuary requirements for IDM: responsibility of the local government area in charge of tourism.

The project organisation consists of a Core Group which deals with strategic decisions and the Coordination Project Group.


The Core Group

Arno Kompatscher, Regional Governor
Ulrich Stofner, Director of the Economics/Innovation Department
Manuela Defant, Director of Economics Division
Hansjörg Haller, Director of Tourism Division
Raffael Mooswalder, Personal Consultant to the Regional Governor
Thomas Gruber, Director of the Hotel and Restaurant Association, South Tyrol (HGV)
Hubert Unterweger, Business Manager of the South Tyrol State Association of Tourism Organisations (LTS)
Thomas Aichner, Head of Communication Department IDM South Tyrol
Hansjörg Prast, Director of IDM South Tyrol
Alexandra Mair, Leader of Key Account Tourism Marketing IDM South Tyrol

Coordination Project Group


The Coordination Project Group has the task of the operative implementation of the reorganisation and is led by Thomas Plank, Key Account Tourism Marketing. In collaboration with colleagues from IDM South Tyrol, the functionaries, managing directors and employees of the tourism associations and tourism offices will undertake the preparation for the restructuring of the tourism organisations in the coming weeks and months.