IDM Südtirol - Alto Adige

Areas of experience

For increasing numbers of people, the decisive factor when choosing a travel destination is no longer the “where”, i.e. the location, but rather the “why”, in other words, the theme or type of holiday.

Instead of being partitioned into geographical regions, South Tyrol is now being divided thematically, resulting in a need for new services and marketing strategies. The “Südtirol” umbrella brand, including the values and commitment to quality which it represents, is the common thread running through these developments.

During a first stage holiday themes, relevant to South Tyrol, were established. These are “Food and drink”, “Hiking and mountaineering”, “Cycling tours and cycling”, “Cities and culture”, “Relaxation and well-being” and “Skiing and winter”. A second stage intends to combine these themes with products in order to create uniform arenas of experience. An arena of experience may transcend local boundaries and is a place where the reason for travel and the geographic setting coincide. It has a particular profile, provides services in line with this profile and is a place where visitors can experience the holiday theme.

There are various marketing opportunities offered by IDM in which tourism offices and holiday areas can take part. The objective is for all areas of South Tyrol to promote the holiday themes together in a coordinated way across the core markets of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy.

Advertorials dedicated to specific themes are published in selected print media publications which cover related topics, have the same target group as the advertorial, reach a wide range of people and have a connection with the holiday theme in question. In parallel with this, online campaigns are run with the objective of increasing the relevance of the arenas of experience for a specific topic and attracting more high-quality traffic to the landing pages.

The marketing topics for spring, summer and autumn are “Well-being in Mediterranean regions”, “Well-being in retreats”, “Wine and culinary delights”, “Törggelen festival”, “Mountain biking”, “Cycling”, “Cycling tours”, “Hiking in the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site”, “Hiking in cultural landscapes and walking routes”, “Hiking as a family”, “Mountain paths and hut-to-hut hikes”, “Mountaineering and climbing”, “Towns and cities” and “South Tyrolean culture and way of life”.