IDM Südtirol - Alto Adige

Emerging markets

In the emerging markets of the UK, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland and the Czech Republic, little is currently known about South Tyrol, its regions and holiday destinations. The objective of communications in these markets is therefore to raise awareness of South Tyrol and to use the holiday themes and holiday areas to make the region more attractive to potential visitors.

In these markets in particular, it is important to address potential visitors by targeting specific groups of people and concentrating on specific themes. This is why IDM plans seasonal campaigns (summer and winter) in the emerging markets, which build on the main factors which motivate potential guests to travel. Marketing largely focuses on the holiday themes of “Hiking and mountaineering” and “Cycling tours and cycling” in summer and on “Alpine skiing” in winter. Additional themes like “Culinary delights”, “Family”, “Relaxation and well-being” and “Towns, cities and culture” broaden the range of topics.

Holiday areas and tourism offices which have attractive offers for a specific market are included in the advertising and also have the opportunity to contribute to it financially. Within so-called marketing cooperations, participants pool their marketing budgets and partners gain visibility in the specific markets under the “Südtirol” umbrella brand.

To further its internationalisation goals, IDM has been running campaigns on “Alpine skiing in the Dolomites” in Croatia and Slovenia and on “Cross-country skiing in the Dolomites” in Norway and Sweden since the 2018/19 winter season.