IDM Südtirol - Alto Adige

Image & themed campaigns

Image campaigns (branding)

Image campaigns in the target markets emphasise the values of South Tyrol and raise awareness of the region as an attractive destination where high-quality local products are made.
They play a direct role in boosting unaided awareness of South Tyrol and are helping the province to become firmly established as the top-of-mind destination in the Alps among the target groups. From a brand awareness perspective, image campaigns therefore form the basis for long-term communications with a lasting effect.


Themed campaigns

Themed campaigns also focus on the South Tyrol brand, but instead of concentrating on the destination in general, they communicate the holiday themes or, in other words, what South Tyrol has to offer. These campaigns aim to answer the question “What can I experience in South Tyrol and where?” by providing inspiration and promoting specific holiday activities, such as experiences, events, offers and accommodation. As part of this type of campaign, a landing page combining all these aspects acts as a door opener to the landing pages of IDM’s partners.