IDM Südtirol - Alto Adige

The "Future of Tourism" project

In March 2016, the provincial government of South Tyrol introduced the regulatory policy which would pave the way for the Future of Tourism project, heralding a province-wide restructuring of South Tyrol’s tourism organisations.

This restructuring process has several goals, including strengthening the “Südtirol” umbrella brand and adapting to changes in how today’s consumers make decisions. The objective is also to step up cooperation between the various stakeholders in the tourism industry, to create synergies in product development and to ensure that resources are used more efficiently. However, the overriding aim of this process is for the industry to cast off the shackles of its rigid structure and to reposition itself, shifting the focus to overarching topics and what are known as arenas of experience.

The first stage of the Future of Tourism project was completed towards the end of 2017. As part of this first stage, the 76 South Tyrolean tourism offices and health resort authorities remained in place, while the 10 tourism associations were disbanded. They were replaced by IDM’s Destination Management units on 1 January 2018. These are responsible for marketing communications for the overarching topics and arenas of experience as well as for supporting local service providers.