IDM Südtirol - Alto Adige

Digital strategy for South Tyrol/Open Data Hub

With all its opportunities and challenges, digitalisation is having a profound impact on many industries, including the tourism sector. In the future, visitors to South Tyrol should be able to organise their entire holiday – from finding inspiration on where to go to the trip itself and the journey home – easily using digital technologies. To achieve this aim, IDM Südtirol has joined forces with the South Tyrol Association of Tourism Organisations (LTS) and the Association of Hoteliers and Restaurateurs (HGV) as well as other partners working in the tourism industry to develop a comprehensive digital strategy with an ambitious mission:

“Our vision for tourism in South Tyrol is to create an efficient data management system and network. It consists of a central data architecture solution and a website framework and is of high quality, flexible, functional, simple and standardised.
Our system is widely accepted among the members of the tourism industry. The tasks are distributed clearly and we take care of the management and resources as a team.
Humans and machines have direct access to relevant, open, complete, personalised, up-to-date and accurate data from a reliable source.” *

A cornerstone of the strategy is the Open Data Hub. This open, central database combines relevant data and information about South Tyrol from a variety of sources and makes it accessible for a wide range of applications which work with artificial intelligence. 

*From: South Tyrol’s digital tourism strategy