IDM Südtirol - Alto Adige

Holiday themes

A growing number of holidaymakers want to enjoy specific experiences during their trip and choose where to go on the basis of what is on offer. In other words, “why” is the new “where”. In saturated markets, the prominence of a tourist destination alone is increasingly not enough. Instead, a region’s positioning and a well-rounded range of attractions and activities are crucial for drawing in visitors.

Against this background, developing excellent products and services will be more relevant to future tourism marketing projects than expensive, elaborate campaigns. In our age of digitalisation, destinations which offer authentic experiences have a clear competitive advantage. In South Tyrol, six holiday themes reflecting the province’s main draws have been identified using market research:

Relaxation & Well-being
Food & Drink
Cities & Culture
Skiing & Winter Sports
Cycling & Bike Tours
Hiking & Mountaineering

The holiday themes and the associated tourism products take South Tyrol’s positioning into account and are indicative of the traditional South Tyrolean way of life. These tourism products convey the unique South Tyrolean lifestyle, which is pivotal to the high degree of well-being felt in the region and, for many visitors, makes the province stand out from other comparable destinations.

Sustainability, cultural aspects of everyday life and Alpine expertise are key topics in South Tyrol and play an important role in each of the holiday themes.