IDM Südtirol - Alto Adige

Markets & targets groups

The aim is to establish South Tyrol as the go-to or top-of-mind destination in the Alps – not only in the core markets of Germany, Italy, Austria and Switzerland, but in the Netherlands, Belgium, the UK, the Czech Republic, Poland, France and Russia as well. IDM Südtirol has also set itself the task of tapping into additional markets.


South Tyrol presents itself as one of the most desirable holiday destinations in Europe. With its spectacular landscapes and abundance of locally-produced foods, and as a home to people belonging to three different language groups, it has a special brand character. Visitors to South Tyrol are enriched by their experiences and return home with lasting memories. By combining the best of the Alpine and Mediterranean worlds, South Tyrol offers a unique way of life. This reflects the brand promise: “South Tyrol is a location rich in contrasts – the perfect symbiosis of the Alpine and Mediterranean ways of life, of spontaneity and dependability, of nature and culture”.

Target groups

South Tyrol attracts target groups who create sufficient value and who are a good fit for the destination in terms of their values, the financial resources at their disposal and their willingness to spend. These are people who love to travel and who predominantly live in urban areas.

South Tyrol’s key target group in the areas of tourism, regional products and location marketing are so-called NANOs©: individuals with a keen interest in nature, physical activity, sustainability and authenticity.

As holidaymakers, they love to explore nature, seek out beautiful countryside and pursue a wide range of outdoor activities. NANOs© are active people in every sense of the word. From travel, adventures in nature and sport to food and wine, culture and relaxation, they relish learning new things and crave meaningful experiences.

NANOs© care deeply about environmental issues. Acting in a sustainable way by conserving resources is fundamental to them in all areas of their life. They are willing to pay more for great value and quality, which matters a great deal to them.
NANOs© also attach immense importance to healthy eating. Beyond food and wine, they also value enjoyment in other areas of life as shown, for example, by their interest in leisurely hikes and slow travel.

NANOs© perceive originality and authenticity as ways of overcoming increasing globalisation and the standardisation of products. They have a desire to learn about the cultural aspects of everyday life as well as the history and people of the places they visit.