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Social media channels

Social media is a fundamental part of the communication campaigns used to promote South Tyrol as a destination and brand. South Tyrol’s social media channels are sources of inspiration and information for (potential) visitors and fans of South Tyrol and help to improve blogger and social influencer relations. Social media campaigns follow and pursue the same overall strategy, guidelines and objectives as the communications used to promote South Tyrol as a destination. This means that the channels, content and style are in keeping with South Tyrol and its set of values.

South Tyrol presents itself on social media channels which are used by its target group, reach a certain number of people and can be used to strike up conversations about South Tyrol as a product. This ability to converse or interact with (potential) visitors and fans of South Tyrol is a crucial part of campaign communication and of customer service.

The social media team acts as a point of contact between the various departments and is in constant communication with external partners so that it can provide visitors with useful, up-to-date information about travel and excursions as well as offer ongoing support. As platforms with a direct influence on customers and their decisions, South Tyrol’s social media channels are used to retain an emotional connection with past visitors, provide inspiration and strive to attract greater attention to South Tyrol and make it a more desirable place to visit.

The social media strategy presents the many sides to South Tyrol using a range of formats, combines high-quality storytelling with targeted communications and makes use of the latest technical capabilities of the various channels and platforms. The content and community leadership contribute to the corporate story, which in turn is in line with the positioning of the South Tyrol brand. A lot of the content is dedicated to the holiday themes and care is taken to ensure that South Tyrol’s geographical regions are presented in a balanced way. The narrative forms, content, timings and community management are all tailored to the requirements of the various markets and what they already know about South Tyrol.

The main South Tyrolean social media channels are: