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South Tyrol Marketplace

Starting situation
Since the destination South Tyrol currently maintains a large number of independent platforms, its online presence is highly fragmented, making it difficult for guests to find information and make bookings. The result is a customer journey in which the sensory perception of quality and authenticity of the destination South Tyrol and its products are severely limited. What is lacking is a digital platform that brings the brand, tourism and mobility services together in one place.

The objective is to involve all partners and stakeholders in the creation of an inspiring digital image of the most desirable, sustainable place to live in Europe. A place where the diversity of experience and the quality of products from South Tyrol are presented in an authentic way by people who represent it with conviction. The aim is to create a complete, simple customer experience that sets news standards throughout the whole customer journey.

The Project: South Tyrol Marketplace
IDM Südtirol is seeking through the“South Tyrol Marketplace” project to improve digitally supported processes for providers, guests and customers in the South Tyrol region. The core concept of South Tyrol Marketplace is a one-stop-shop intended to bring the world of South Tyrol to life. It should focus on the unique features of the South Tyrol brand and the unique experiences and emotions that go with it.
Guests should be able to see the various offers and information at a glance and book or purchase through a central online platform.

The marketplace should be sustainable and future-oriented. This is based on the premise that South Tyrol Marketplace:

  • has a differentiation concept that clearly promises benefits, value and performance;
  • creates a uniform, high-performance technology base that uses synergistic effects and leaves room for individual identity and customisation;
  • gives guests and customers effective, reliable and transparent access to the world of South Tyrol;
  • authentically reflects the quality of South Tyrol’s services and products;
  • provides the opportunity for third-party business cases.

The Team
The project team consists of personnel from different departments at IDM and external stakeholders. IDM has commissioned an international digital agency to provide expert advice in the initial phase of the project. The starting position will be analysed and a road map for the system’s future landscape will be drawn up.

Current status
The project is currently in the analysis stage. An initial kick-off-workshop has already taken place. In the period May to June various stakeholders and users are being interviewed in order to identify the objectives, needs and challenges and incorporate this knowledge into the system’s future landscape.