IDM Südtirol - Alto Adige

Umbrella brand

On their own, companies and products often struggle to achieve a powerful presence in the global market. This is where the “Südtirol” umbrella brand comes in. It represents the region, its people and the high-quality products and services it offers, from the spectacular scenery, delicious cuisine and fine South Tyrolean wine to the cultural aspects of everyday life.

Managed by IDM Südtirol, the umbrella brand communicates the brand promise by conveying South Tyrol as “a region rich in contrasts – the perfect symbiosis of Alpine and Mediterranean ways of life, of spontaneity and dependability, of nature and culture”.
The umbrella brand’s design has evolved organically over time and its appearance was updated in 2018. The word mark “Südtirol” in slate grey, the simplified and multi-coloured South Tyrol panorama, and the white background come together as one to form the umbrella brand.

The umbrella brand is not only used by IDM, but is also designed with a variety of South Tyrolean businesses in mind. Companies and organisations working in the tourism industry and other related sectors can display the destination brand logo, while production facilities and service providers can use the “Ein Unternehmen aus Südtirol” (“A company from South Tyrol”) location logo, and food products made to a high standard in quality-controlled conditions can bear the South Tyrolean seal of quality. South Tyrolean apples and South Tyrolean Speck are marked with the “protected geographical indication” (PGI) label and South Tyrolean wine labelled as DOC (controlled designation of origin) uses the “Südtirol Wein” brand.

As can be seen, the “Südtirol” umbrella brand unites a wide range of South Tyrolean brands, products and services.

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