IDM Südtirol - Alto Adige

Strategic background

Since 2004, the umbrella brand has been giving high-quality brands and products from South Tyrol a common name under which to present themselves. It creates synergies between the tourism and agricultural industries: while the popularity of South Tyrol as a holiday destination gives people an emotional connection to the region’s high-quality agricultural products, these authentic products themselves act as ambassadors to the region as a tourism destination. The umbrella brand supports existing brands, enabling them to pool their resources and bolster one another’s image.

After ten successful years, the brand and its brand promise were updated to bring them in line with changes in the region. South Tyrol has developed new strengths, especially in the areas of sustainability and Alpine and regional products, and the umbrella brand needs to reflect this progress. That is why since 2015, the so-called identity model has formed the basis for brand communications and product development work. The “Südtirol” umbrella brand is therefore indicative of a region which is constantly evolving.

To ensure that the visual appearance of the umbrella brand accurately represents these developments and to make it suitable for the digital age, a redesign process was initiated in 2017.

As part of the Future of Tourism (“Zukunft Tourismus”) project, which in 2017 set about reforming the local tourism industry, it was also necessary to update the co-branding system involving the umbrella brand. The newly created tourism regions (“arenas of experience”) as well as existing tourism stakeholders are part of the brand architecture.