IDM Südtirol - Alto Adige

The new design

A uniform, compact visual identity across all brand communications strengthens not only the arenas of experience and all service providers, but also the brand itself. After having evolved through a design update in 2018, the brand is now ready for the future and for the digital age, while still remaining easily recognisable. It has been designed to attract new visitors in the core markets and, in particular, in the emerging markets, as well as to make South Tyrol stand out from the competition.

redesign-marchio-ombrello The goal is for the umbrella brand to have a powerful and coherent market presence, especially when used as a co-brand alongside individual regional brands and hotels etc. which have a high level of visibility and reach a wide audience. To achieve this objective, a new brand application has been created. Known as the “Südtirol Badge”, it allows brand partners to present themselves under the “Südtirol” umbrella brand in a way which is mutually beneficial for the image of both the partner’s brand and the umbrella brand. The redesigned umbrella brand builds on the powerful market presence gained in recent years and ensures that its users have ample presentation space for their own corporate identity, while minimising the risk of being used incorrectly.