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South Tyrol umbrella brand

Conquering foreign markets.

Business Service

Planning today for the tourism of tomorrow.

Destination Marketing

Showcasing quality products.

Agri-food marketing

Innovators, Developers & Marketers.

IDM South Tyrol points the way towards sustainable economic development in South Tyrol.

We want our work to contribute towards making South Tyrol the most attractive sustainable living destination in Europe; to bring this vision to tangible life, IDM has taken on the role of catalyst and driving force. In pursuing our dual goal of promoting the sustainable development of the South Tyrolean economy and, simultaneously, enhancing the competitivity of local companies, we provide our services to economic operators.  

South Tyrol is an area of immense potential, and IDM strive to ensure that this potential is exploited to its best advantage. We support internationalisation and innovation, particularly of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and provide film makers with support in the production of film projects. We consolidate our umbrella brand through our targeted tourism marketing activities and our agri-food marketing to promote quality products from South Tyrol.


Our core competences

IDM, a catalyst and a driving force


Promoting South Tyrol as an innovative, avant-garde economic hub.


Marketing South Tyrol and its products.


Speeding up the digital transformation process.


Honing our expertise in the export sector and increasing the export of products from South Tyrol.


Working in the interests of sustainable development in South Tyrol


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