Five bridges towards the future.

The future at the fingertips of one hand: The core competences of IDM South Tyrol are no less than five: sustainability, marketing, innovation, internationalisation and digitalisation.

IDM also serves as a signpost for the sustainable economy of South Tyrol. We promote innovation and develop targeted marketing to provide a further boost to South Tyrol and its products. We also work on accelerating internationalisation processes in the economic sector and in digital transformation.


The immense potential of South Tyrol

Making South Tyrol the most desirable sustainable living destination in Europe: this ambitious goal has meaning only if the sustainability aspect is effective. For years now, in fact, sustainability – intended as balanced ecological, economic and social development – is no longer merely a trend, but a consolidated reality which, in the case of South Tyrol, has the potential to become an extraordinary differentiator between this area and other region. The joint concepts of sustainability, and quality encapsulate the immense potential of every product from South Tyrol.  

Sustainability is the connecting link in IDM’s strategy. It is this which transforms a strategic plan into a tool capable of bringing us ever close to the goals which we have set ourselves.


Eyes on the client

This area of expertise comprises the development of marketing strategies for the regions and the South Tyrol umbrella brand, together with programmes for a diverse range of economic sectors including tourism, agriculture, timber and food. We pay close attention to all the strategic marketing elements: brand, content, media, PR, product, social media, sales and other factors.  

Our decision to monitor our clients continuously enables us to work out client-oriented strategies and programmes based on solid figures. All our activities are the result of initial analysis and understanding of the various markets and different types of clients. Our multi-year programmes which have derived from this approach aim to bring further growth to the South Tyrol umbrella brand and raise the level of the individual economic sectors in the Province.


From inspiration to market launch

Market laws assert that only those capable of innovation can survive: a legitimate concept, both in our own line of work, in the support supplied to the key sectors in South Tyrol and to the companies which are a part of them. Today, however, innovation is not just about product development, but embraces a wider number of disciplines. We speak, therefore, of the innovation of processes, business models and networking, of channel innovation and the innovation of client experience, of creating loyalty and of the brand. Innovation, therefore, is a concept which must be followed throughout the entire value chain, from inspiration right through to market launch.  

It goes without saying that the client must be at the core of this concept; it is only by understanding the needs of our clients that we can make a difference on the market.


The world doesn’t end at the horizon line

Ongoing changes affect not only the climate, but also international markets. Our basic strategy provides for the internationalisation of all the economic sectors in South Tyrol: in order to succeed, it is of fundamental importance that we create innovative offers and exploit all channels in order to augment the international presence of Premium South Tyrol products.  

It is superfluous to add that, in order to ensure success beyond national borders and acquire new clients, one must have proven marketing and sales skills and know the market, target groups and their relative requests in full depth. We make this expertise available to the companies in South Tyrol to whom we offer consultation services in the areas of marketing and new client acquisition, entry and operational development in international markets, commercialisation and online sales, market analysis and export.


The currency of the future? Data

In recent decades, all sectors of the economy have been involved in the incredible acceleration of the digitalisation process. This transformation has also affected South Tyrol, and IDM supports it with continuous, ongoing creation of innovative platforms.  

Unifying the digital landscape of South Tyrol would mean exploiting immense hidden potential and guarantee international visibility to the local economy in its entirety. We want to digitally present South Tyrol as an experience to live in its every facet, to accompany businesses through the digital transformation process and create B2B platforms to support the South Tyrolean economy.


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