The mountain: An asset to protect.

The “Respect the Mountain” project aims to promote awareness of the importance of environmentally friendly behaviour in the mountains and in everyday life.

This project aims to awaken the conscience of guests, the local population and tourism operators in the UNESCO World Heritage Dolomites and inspire them to behave respectfully and responsibly both in the mountains and in everyday life. The main themes covered by the project focus on drinking water and waste reduction. The project, promoted by IDM, the Provincial Department for Nature, Landscape and Territorial Development and the Provincial Agency for the Environment and Climate Protection, was implemented with the support of the Ökoinstitut Südtirol Alto Adige.

Water from South Tyrol: pure, natural, fresh and precious

The tap water in South Tyrol is beyond a doubt of the highest quality. However, some guests - and even some locals - are not aware of this, and drink bottled water just to be on the safe side. Some hospitality establishments also have reservations in offering their guests South Tyrolean tap water. Water is an asset as limited as it is precious.

Being able to drink excellent tap water whenever you feel like it is a privilege.

The “Respect the Mountain” project aims to encourage tourism operators, locals and guests to drink tap water, and to use it with respect and care. The many fountains in South Tyrol enable tourists to fill their own water bottles at all times.

The best waste is no waste.

Our mountain landscape is a sensitive habitat. That is why it is particularly important to not leave any rubbish behind you: The climate conditions here at these high altitudes slows down the process of biodegradation and some waste, such as plastic, cannot biodegrade at all; it breaks down into microplastic particles which remain in the environment forever.

Whatever I take to the mountains, I will bring it back home and dispose of it appropriately.

This is one of the messages that the “Respect the Mountain” project sends out to people who spend time in the Dolomites. The project also encourages guests, locals and tourism to avoid nip waste-creation in the bud by, for example, avoiding disposable packaging and not wasting food.


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