One brand, one home.

Südtirol Home Alto Adige gives you the opportunity to experience the South Tyrol brand close up and is used for big events and special occasions outwith South Tyrol.

Südtirol Home Alto Adige is an experiential space that offers guests and clients the opportunity to familiarise themselves with South Tyrol on all levels without moving from their own homelands. The four walls of Südtirol Home Alto Adige house all of the essential elements of the umbrella brand: tradition and innovation, lifestyle and nature, enjoyment, the pursuit of quality and sustainability. Südtirol Home is a prestigious showcase for tourism and the agri-food products of South Tyrol, and a meeting and networking venue for representatives of politics, sport, the economy and the media.

A treasure chest of values.

A place overflowing with emotion. Just like South Tyrol

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