Promoting change.

IDM provide our tourism partners with support in implementing innovation procedures, vital to the further enhancement of market competitivity.

A great deal of tourism in the Alpine regions – such as ski resorts, hiking and mountain bike trails – are practically identical in their target groups. South Tyrol is also perceived as being one of the many Red Ocean competitors, swimming ever onwards in search of a slice of the tourism cake. And in order to succeed, it is often necessary – as, for example, in the case of ski resorts – to make considerable investments which will enable us to stand out from the competition.

Swimming against the tide

Never content to be one of the herd, South Tyrol aims to take on a leadership role and, in some sectors, to swim in the Blue Ocean. In our undertaking to generate distinctive features which will enable the region to stand out on the market, IDM provide consultation services to speed up the process of inward and outward innovation and promote change.

An engine of innovation

Looking through fresh eyes

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